Psychotherapy helps you gain a better understanding of the issues that are troubling, looking at new ways of approaching situations that you find difficult, as well as suggesting new methods to help you cope. By developing a trusting relationship, it will help you to talk about difficult situations from your past, present and future. There are many types of psychotherapy and the type used will depend on your personal needs and which method is most helpful for resolving your issues.

Signs that you could benefit from therapy include:

  • You feel an overwhelming, prolonged sense of helplessness and sadness. 
  • Your problems don't seem to get better despite your efforts and help from family and friends. 
  • ​You find it difficult to concentrate on work or carry out other everyday activities. 
  • You worry excessively, expect the worst or are constantly on edge. 
  • Your actions, such as drinking too much alcohol, using drugs or being aggressive, harming you or others. 

Psychotherapy works, there is a vast amount of research and science to show this. Explaining exactly what makes it work is more complex however a combination of a good relationship and personalised treatment play key roles. 

Not only is psychotherapy more cost effective than medication, it also leads to fewer relapses of anxiety and depression than medication alone.

Peace of Mind Counselling Services

​​​​What is Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy covers a broad range of talking therapies which provides the psychotherapist with a wealth of approaches to help you understand and explore how you feel, how you manage those feelings and the behaviours. Psychotherapy can work with individuals, groups, families and couples. Psychotherapy usually involves talking however sometimes other methods may be used, for example art, music, drama, movement and relaxation.

As an integrative therapist it allows me to provide a range of skills to work with a client as an individual. 

Psychotherapists are mental health professionals who are trained to listen to a person's problems to try to find out what's causing them and help them to find a solution.